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January 9th, 7 to 8 pm CT



As we enter 2023, something happens to our psyche that opens the possibility of new beginnings and at the same time the beliefs and patterns we still have yet to explore make us feel like we have to make enormous changes in our lives to achieve a better version of ourselves setting impossible goals to reach in the next 12 months. Internally many times this race dysregulates our nervous system. 

We live in a society that measures success and manifestation according to our bank account, likes on social media, trips, learning new skills, diets, books read,   social events we attend, creating the perfect event that everyone talks about for months. 

Slow living, hibernating, taking the time to enjoy the little things are luxuries we think we can´t afford.

When we come across a health issue for example, even how we treat it seems like an endless list of impossible workshops, therapies, lifestyle changes and strategies we must IMPLIMENT to obtain our goals. The same goes for improving our relationships, childrearing, starting a business, pursuing a dream, learning something new, even grieving a loss.

We simply have too many choices and it is almost impossible to make a decision on what is the best path to follow.

A regulated nervous system is the key to manifesting. The stories we tell ourselves about us and how the world works begin in the autonomic nervous system. Information is sent through the autonomic pathways from the body to the brain where it is translated into the beliefs that shape daily living. The brain takes the autonomic information and creates a story to make sense of what is happening in the body. If you want to change the story, start by changing the state. 

The autonomic nervous system looks for context, choice and connection in order to find safety and connection. When we feel safe. We can open up to new possibilities for the changes we want to see in our lives. 

The language of the Nervous System is not cognitive. It is a lifestyle that is created through practice. It is a practice that needs time to create space in our bodies so that we feel safe. Creating a strong container allows us to connect with our innate wisdom.

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